Selecting golf shoes that provide ample space in the toe box, offer support, and come with adjustable features to accommodate changes in foot size (which can happen during a game due to swelling) is essential. Soft, flexible materials that conform to the foot without creating pressure points can also make a significant difference to someone suffering from bunions.

When choosing the best golf shoes for bunions, key aspects such as width options, the flexibility of the upper, support in the midsole, and a well-cushioned insole should be considered. Through careful examination of various models and brands, informed by personal testing and existing customer feedback, I aim to present a selection that meets the demands of golfers with bunions, so they can focus more on their swing and less on their feet. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the top choices available on the market today.

NOTE // The details in this guide aim to be as precise as possible. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to verify the latest updates on golf websites or contact them directly for the most recent information.

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Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

In my extensive search for comfortable golfing footwear, I’ve focused on finding the best golf shoes that accommodate bunions. It’s crucial to combine style with comfort, particularly for those who suffer from foot deformities that can be aggravated by narrow or ill-fitting shoes.

The following list highlights shoes that are not only performance-oriented but also bunion-friendly, offering wider toe boxes and soft, flexible materials that can make a day on the course enjoyable and pain-free.

New Balance Breeze v2 Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Breeze V2 Golf Shoe for bunions

If you’re after a shoe that diminishes the discomfort bunions often cause, I believe you’ll appreciate the New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 Golf Shoe.


  • Remarkably comfortable, catering well to wider feet
  • Exceptional for traction, even rivaling spiked shoes
  • Water-resistant, protecting well in damp conditions


  • Water resistance may diminish over several months of use
  • Slight size anomalies could necessitate ordering up
  • Possible reduced grip on wet wooden surfaces

I’ve just come back from the course, wearing these shoes during an overcast, dewy morning round. They were impressive with their comfort levels. My feet, often plagued by bunions, found solace in the spacious toe box, not feeling pinched as they have in other golf shoes. The synthetic fabric is forgiving and combined with the rubber sole, my strides were cushioned and stable on a variety of terrains.

Durability is key in any golf shoe and the Breeze v2 did not disappoint. After a few rounds, I’ve noticed hardly any wear. The fabric seems resilient, and despite some users noting a decline in water resistance, my pair kept my socks dry through the morning wet grass. It’s worth mentioning that an investment in waterproofing spray might be sensible long-term.

What I found particularly noteworthy was the grip. Walking up and down slick slopes, I felt secure without the traditional spikes, a testament to New Balance’s sole design. However, tread cautiously on wet wood – I experienced a slip exiting a dew-covered bridge, a minor hiccup in an otherwise steady performance.

For those struggling to find golf shoes that match the needs of a bunion-prone golfer, these could be a game-changer. But keep an eye on sizing – you might want to consider going up a half size, especially if you’re between sizes or prefer a little extra room.

FootJoy Leisure Slip-Ons

FootJoy Women's Leisure Slip-On Golf Shoes for bunions

After taking the FootJoy Leisure Slip-Ons out on the course, I can confidently say they meet the demands of style and comfort—especially for those with bunions.


  • Exceptionally comfortable for wide feet and bunions
  • Lightweight, enhancing ease of movement around the course
  • Stylish design that stands out


  • Slightly stiff soles may require a break-in period
  • May fit big for those with narrow feet
  • Putting them on can be a struggle initially

Making my way through the greens, the first thing I noticed was the breadth of the toe space. For someone dealing with bunions, this design is a godsend. The FootJoy Leisure Slip-Ons enveloped my feet in a supportive hug without any pinch, letting me focus solely on my swing. Their lightweight nature was a boon, making me almost forget I was wearing golf shoes, ensuring my movements weren’t hindered.

Their aesthetic really complements any golf attire. Subtle shades of grey with a pop of orchid gave a fresh twist to my usual ensemble. They caught a few admiring glances from my fellow golfers, which certainly didn’t hurt my confidence.

On the flip side, I felt a slight firmness underfoot. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I noticed it when navigating the longer courses. I appreciated the stability it provided, yet I’m curious to see how this feeling will evolve as the shoes wear in. Those with particularly narrow feet might find the fit a bit generous, so consider going half a size down. Initially, slipping into these was more effort than I’d like, but once on, the comfort was unparalleled.

In summary, the FootJoy Leisure Slip-Ons are solidly on par when it comes to balancing discomfort caused by bunions with the style and performance one seeks in a golf shoe. Despite their few foibles, they’re soon forgotten once you revel in the freedom your feet feel throughout the game.

Skechers Go Golf Pivot Cleats

Skechers Performance Go Golf Pivot Golf Cleat for bunions

In my recent trip to the green, the Skechers Go Golf Pivot golf shoes were a revelation for my feet’s comfort, especially with bunions.


  • Exceptional cushioning keeps feet cozy throughout the game
  • Lightweight design enhances stability without the bulk
  • Water repellent for those early, dew-kissed rounds


  • They run a bit narrow, making them potentially snug for wider feet
  • Limited color options may deter style-conscious golfers
  • The faux leather exterior requires gentle care to maintain longevity

During my last session at the course, it was clear why Skechers golf shoes come so highly recommended for those with sensitive feet. The ULTRA GO cushioning and GOGA MAX insole create a walking-on-clouds sensation that I appreciated from the very first tee-off. The low-to-the-ground structure provided a steady base for my swing, proving that stability and comfort can coexist.

Eager to test their water repellent claim, I was pleasantly surprised that even in morning dew, my feet remained dry. It’s often a challenge to find a golf shoe that guards against moisture without sacrificing breathability, but these found a sweet spot.

While the fit is generally good, some may find the width lacking, particularly if they’ve got bunions or wider feet. I advise paying close attention to the fit guide or even considering a size up for the room you might need. Style-wise, they don’t scream attention, but on the green, it’s performance that counts, and they deliver where it matters. Carewise, the synthetic material was easy to clean, though it warrants a gentle touch lest you shorten their lifespan.

In essence, the Skechers Go Golf Pivot golf shoes stand out for those after comfort and durability, minus a few considerations on fit and style variety.

FJ Sport Retro Comfort

FootJoy Women's Fj Sport Retro Golf Shoes for bunions

I found these shoes to be a stylish and practical choice for golfers with sensitivities like bunions.


  • Ample roominess for toe comfort
  • Versatile, sporty design
  • Effective traction on various terrains


  • Limited arch support
  • Potential sizing inconsistencies
  • May not be suitable for very wet conditions

When I first slipped my feet into the FJ Sport Retro by FootJoy, I was impressed by their snug fit and modern linen-textured appearance. The mid-top shaft gave my ankles a sense of secure support without any stiffness, and the textile fabric contributed to a breathable, daylong comfort, which is crucial for me since my feet tend to swell, especially when I navigate the sprawling fairways.

The flexibility of these spikeless golf shoes astonished me; they transitioned from the cart to the green and into the clubhouse with ease. However, I did notice that when I walked on wetter ground, the sole’s grip was challenged, and it required more care than usual to maintain my footing.

After several rounds of golf, the durability of the synthetic sole proved itself. Yet, as someone with bunions, I typically look for exceptional arch support, and I found these needed a bit of personal adjustment. I recommend investing in specialized insoles if, like me, you require extra support in this area. Overall, the FJ Sport Retro shoes offer a blend of performance and style that can cater to golfers with specific comfort needs.

Callaway Coronado V2

Callaway Women's Coronado v2

I found the Callaway Coronado V2 to be a solid pick for golfers with bunions, thanks to their comfortable fit and weather-resistant upper.


  • Spacious design accommodates bunions comfortably
  • The waterproof upper keeps feet dry through wet fairways
  • Reliable traction with removable cleats


  • Limited color options may not appeal to all
  • Some may find the 3.9-star rating indicative of potential inconsistencies
  • A bit heavier compared to other golf shoes

Stepping onto the green, I immediately appreciated how the Forged Dx Midsole of the Callaway Coronado V2 melded with the contours of my feet, ensuring a natural feel on varied terrain. The microfiber leather upper with Opti-Dri protection confidently warded off the morning dew, helping my feet stay dry from hole one to eighteen.

Navigating the bunkers and fairways, the Dura-rubber outsole afforded me a stable platform, and I felt anchored during my swings, a testament to this shoe’s balance of comfort and performance. It’s clear from the functional design that Callaway understands a golfer’s needs, especially for those of us managing bunions.

While the style of the Coronado V2 is modern, I found the white/navy color scheme a bit restrictive for my taste, wishing for more variety. But, for golfers prioritizing foot comfort over fashion, these shoes are a game-changer, allowing for an undistracted focus on the game without the common discomfort bunions can cause.

Buying Guide

shop with golf shoes for bunions

Fit and Comfort

When selecting golf shoes for bunions, I prioritize fit and comfort. A wide toe box is crucial to provide extra space, preventing pressure on the bunion. I look for golf shoes with soft, flexible materials, and cushioning insoles to offer support and reduce discomfort during play.

Quality of Materials

The materials used in a golf shoe affect its durability and breathability. I choose shoes made from premium leather or advanced synthetic materials that are known for their longevity. Breathability is also important to prevent moisture buildup, which can exacerbate bunion pain.

Adjustable Features

Shoes with adjustable straps or laces allow for a customizable fit. I ensure the shoe can accommodate any changes in foot size during the day, especially important for those of us dealing with bunions.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Wide Toe BoxReduces pressure on bunions to improve comfort.
Quality MaterialsEnsures durability and breathability of the shoe.
Adjustable StrapsAllows for customization to the fit, adapting to changes.

Stability and Support

While comfort is paramount, I don’t compromise on support. A good golf shoe for bunions should have a stable base to prevent excess movement, which can lead to pain or injury. Arch support is also paramount, and I look for shoes that provide adequate support to minimize strain on the feet.


The traction outsoles offer is key for maintaining a proper stance during swings. Sole patterns should be designed to grip the turf well but not be too rigid as to cause discomfort for my bunions. I opt for shoes that balance traction with flexibility.

Remembering these factors helps me find the most suitable and comfortable golf shoes for bunions, leading to a better experience on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will address some common concerns and queries regarding the selection of golf shoes for individuals with bunions. I aim to provide specific advice to enhance comfort and performance on the golf course.

What features should I look for in golf shoes if I have bunions?

When selecting golf shoes for bunions, look for a wide toe box that offers additional room and reduces pressure on the affected area. Shoes with soft, stretchable materials and a padded insole can also provide extra comfort.

How do wide fit golf shoes benefit those with bunions?

Wide fit golf shoes are beneficial because they give the forefoot more space, minimizing friction and constriction. This wider fit prevents exacerbating the bunion and supports a more comfortable stride.

Can certain golf shoe brands alleviate discomfort for bunion sufferers?

Yes, some brands design shoes with features like wider toe boxes and ergonomic soles specifically to accommodate foot issues like bunions. Brands that focus on orthopedic benefits are especially worth considering.

What advantages do soft material golf shoes offer for bunion relief?

Soft material golf shoes offer flexibility and reduce pressure points, which is crucial for bunion relief. Materials like leather or breathable mesh adapt to the foot’s shape, decreasing irritation during movement.

Are there specific golf shoe models recommended for players with bunions?

Certain golf shoe models, such as those with a wider fit, enhanced arch support, or a cushioned footbed, are often recommended. It’s worthwhile to research specific models that are known for their bunion-friendly design.

How do I ensure proper fit when selecting golf shoes for my bunions?

To ensure a proper fit, I recommend getting professionally measured, trying on shoes later in the day when feet are likely to be their largest, and walking in them to assess comfort. Always prioritize fit over style to protect the foot.

How should I choose golf shoes if I have flat feet?

A: For the best fit, it’s advisable to get professionally measured, try on shoes later in the day when your feet are at their largest, and walk around in them to gauge comfort. Prioritize fit and support for flat feet over style to ensure foot health and comfort. Read our article about the best golf shoes for flat feet for more information.

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